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Greeneville Sun Article 09-28-16



The passion of capturing and translating onto paper the beautiful colors, creatures, and objects around her is evident in Amanda's work. She enjoys drawing the simple things around her and bringing them to life for others to enjoy. “I try to show people the beauty I see in the creation around me,” says Amanda. “I believe that everyone has a special talent or gift. I find my joy in sharing my talent for art with others.”

Amanda Bachman

Amanda grew up loving art. She was always doodling and crafting. Her class studied Georgia O’Keeffe in fifth grade, and that’s when she fell in love with pastels and O’Keeffe’s work. When she reached high school, she took on another love for pencil and colored pencil. Her instructor through those years helped her grow and critique her work.


At the age of 18, Amanda knew the Appalachian Mountains were calling her name. She packed up and moved from her childhood home in Indiana to her current home in Tennessee.  “There’s just something about the beauty of this area and my life journey that inspires me to continue to create art.”

Amanda was featured in the Greeneville Sun on September 28, 2016. Click here for the article.