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Amanda Bachman

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Car Graphics

In addition to creating traditional works on paper and canvas, Amanda makes art for graphics for MINI and other cars. Amanda's car art is a unique personalization option. Unlike other car graphic accents, these are derived from real art reproduced from the finished canvas itself! Her car art is meant to be more abstract than her traditional works. That is, it is colorful and whimsical - while remaining in good taste. The art is printed on high-quality automotive vinyl wrap.

How does it work? Choose Custom or Portfolio. With Custom, Amanda will create your car's artwork exclusively for you. You can advise on the colors to be used, etc. Graphics of the artwork will adorn your car, and you keep the original painting.

Or with Portfolio, you can simply choose from a selection of Amanda's pre-made paintings.


In either case, the art is reproduced onto vinyl wrap that is professionally installed on your car. The vinyl is perfectly safe for the car's original paint, even upon removal after years of enjoyment. So you can switch out your car's art as often as you please!